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Dr. Joushua Chinyuku

Joshua was born in 1960.  Joshua has a long history with paints and surface coatings having started off as a Management Cadet, Industrial Chemist with Astra Paints way back in April 1988. He worked his way up the corporate ladder and was quickly promoted to the management position of Senior Chemist upon completion of his internship in 1995. In that year he was also awarded the prestigious Kekwick Medal of the world-wide Oil and Colour Chemists Association for outstanding performance in the then British Manufacture’s Paint Technology Course (now SAPMA) (all modules 1-8). In subsequent years Joshua was promoted to various management positions in technical and operations management culminating in his appointment as General Manager from 2007 to 2014 when he assumed the post of General Manager – Operations and Technical for the Astra Industries Group up to the time of his retirement in December 2017. Joshua holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry. He also holds a post graduate diploma in paint technology with the South Africa Paint Manufacturers Association Institute (SAPMA) and is an Associate of the OIL and Colour Chemists Association (ATSC). He also holds several academic and professional qualifications including an IMM diploma in marketing, an executive MBA from NUST University (EMBA) and a PhD degree on the Management of Technology and Innovation from the DaVinci Institute of Technology and Innovation. In his PhD thesis Joshua formulated an industrial ecology theory as an integral’ model for industrial, economic and societal renewal for an emerging and isolated economy that had to content with the twin negative aspects of globalization and a ruinous competitive culture amongst the economic players who should otherwise find more scope for cooperating than engaging in abrasive competition.

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