Jewel Paints manufactures and distributes a comprehensive portfolio of products that can be broadly divided into five categories:

  1. Decorative Paints: These are paints used in the painting and decoration of homes and offices as well as associated ancillaries. Products include - (a) Oil based paints amongst them: Super High Gloss Enamel paints, Super Eggshell Enamel paints and High Grip Red Oxide metal primer. (b) Water based paints among them High Hiding Contractors PVA, Super Acrylic PVA, Ceiling PVA White, Ultra-Durable All Weather Roof Paints, Super Washable Plush Silk, (c) Varnishes that include Clear varnish, UV resistant Brick and Stone Glaze.
  2. Industrial Coatings: These are paints used in industry for the finishing of industrial goods of high durability and include Epoxy paints, Vinyl paints, Quick Drying Enamels (QDs), Implement Enamels and Traffic Paints.
  3. Furniture Coatings: These include all paints used for the industrial finishing of furniture. Products include Acid Catalysed Wood Sealer, Acid Catalysed lacquers Reaction lacquers – gloss, satin and matt and Colour Coats
  4. Automotive Paints:  These include OEM products and products for the refinishing of motor vehicles.
  5. Ancillaries: These materials facilitate preparation of substrates prior to painting and also include equipment used in the actual application of the paint.

It is worthy to note that Jewel Paints offers free technical services and advice on the use of its products. We also provide project assistance service in support of products we supply to our customers.

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